George Krahn, Google Certified Adwords Manager Trained By Perry Marshall

Pay-Per-Click Management Proven To Get Results By Using The 80/20 Principle

5 Secrets Pay-Per-Click Management Companies Keep From You

• What critical information is your current PPC management company hiding from you?

• How much money is being wasted in your Google Adwords account because of this?

• What are the 5 biggest disadvantages that large companies have compared to individual PPC managers?

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"5 Secrets PPC Companies
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What People Are Saying…

"Wow, this is incredible!

You brought in 538 leads yesterday, which is 100 over what we can handle.

So we can still drop the Adwords costs further."
Steve C.*
Miami, FL

"I got an order for $150,000 which came through one lead!

This is great work. Thank you! We had a great year, that is for sure."
Rob B.*
Hamilton, ON

"I sold $12,000 this week from 3 leads that came to me from Google Adwords, so double the budget!

Every day I hear people are getting us from the top of Google.

Plus you have been the first Internet marketer that I have used that is not a scammer.

You have done such a great job!"

Dave M.*
Bluffton, SC

"You have no idea how jealous the other distributors are with the performance of my website!

I know that the manager of the distributors thinks the world of your work and has great respect for your opinions and ideas."

Elizabeth D.*
Winkler, MB

"I just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work and sheer brilliance you've put into this stuff.

It is noticed, and it is appreciated."

Matthew F.*
Miami, MB

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Who is George Krahn?

George has been managing Google Adwords accounts since 2007.

He has been managing Bing Ads accounts since 2008.

His Adwords accounts have beaten tests against Google’s own optimization experts and against a worldwide Internet marketing company.

He has been trained by the top 3 Google Adwords experts in the world:

1. Perry Marshall, author of Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords

2. Howie Jacobson, author of AdWords for Dummies

3. Glenn Livingston Ph.D., a marketing psychologist and creator of AdWords Bulls-eye

George Krahn uses his advanced Google Adwords training and superior ad writing skills to help his clients dominate their market.

He earns money by managing his clients’ pay-per-click accounts and charging a percentage of ad spend.


Here's How To See The 5 Secrets PPC Companies Keep From You...

My name is Helen and I'm George's personal assistant. I take care of scheduling meetings, data entry, and accounting.

I've seen first-hand how George takes real businesses like yours to the next level. Watch as he shares 5 secrets that pay-per-click companies keep from you:

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Personal Assistant to George Krahn

Helen, George's Assistant

Video Length: 1 minute 44 seconds



Video Transcript:


If you’re watching this video, you’re either a business person who currently works with a pay-per-click management company or you are thinking about hiring one in the near future.

My name is George Krahn and I’ve been managing ppc accounts since 2007. I’ve had the privilege of being a self employed ppc manager, as well as working for a ppc management company. So I’ve seen both sides of the pay-per-click management world.

I’ve got inside knowledge about the ppc management industry that isn’t usually revealed to clients. There are certain things that ppc companies just don’t want you to know.

While I worked for a ppc management company, I noticed 5 huge disadvantages over working directly with clients like you. These are things that a ppc management company will never tell you. In fact, they’ll do their best to keep them a secret from you.

Before deciding whether or not to hire a ppc company or an individual ppc manager, you should be aware of these 5 critical things. The success or failure of your online advertising depends directly on who is managing your Google Adwords account, so this information will definitely affect your decision.

I’ve broken up these 5 things into 5 separate video clips. I did this intentionally so that I can focus on each topic without making the videos too long. If you fill in your name and email address in the box beside this video, I’ll send you a link to the first video right now.

I promise that I will never send you any junk email. I hate being bombarded with junk email just as much as you do.

So go ahead and enter your name and email address now. I’ll see you in the next video where I tell you the first secret that ppc management companies keep from you!

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